The Benefits of a Photography Workshop

Updated: Jan 26

I had the pleasure of attending the "Six Figure Hustle" photography workshop. This photography workshop was everything! It was a great opportunity to network and learn from other creatives especially our host @Lajoyphotographyllc. If you are in need of structuring your business, setting strong business principals and some good ole’ wholesome networking a LaJoy event is where it’s at!!!

In this two-day photography workshop we got acquainted and got to work quick. The sisterhood and networking that was established was empowering and motivating. We all hit it off from the start and began encouraging and supporting each other. If I can stop here for a moment and express how gratifying this was. The term networking is spoken so often now a days, especially when discussing a business but to actually get out there is not always easy to accomplish. Especially, for me because although I love meeting new people and forming relationships, it’s more difficult when I need to market myself or my business. In that moment I instantly clam up and experience a loss for words. At this photography workshop it happened so organically it was pure effortless. I learned a lot about networking and how to just relax and be myself.

The photography workshop was small and intimate which allowed no question left unanswered. This experience allowed me to explore and finalize the foundational necessities for my business such as client management software, merchant services, professional email host, editing tips and so much more. No matter how big or small we touched on it all. A few highlights for me was getting web design support, a few tweaks to my current logo, and understanding the importance of blogging. Let’s be clear, I’m no writer but I love the idea of writing down my thoughts to share with my supporters.

We also had the opportunity to work on ideal shooting settings and posing. LaJoy blessed us all with professional headshots at the end of the photography workshop. An opportunity to put those posing tips to use was presented when we photographed each other, which generated even more branding content for everyone. Speaking of branding, we had a surprise appearance from the branding guru @thechloebrand, she is phenomenal and within minutes helped us all create our very own mission statements. If you are in need of some branding and marketing coaching, she will get you all the way together!!!

I feel continuing my education and networking is extremely important to be the best for my clients. I am thankful to have the guidance and support of LaJoy and these ladies. I look forward to growing even more each and every year! One of my goals this year is to blog consistently about my experiences and photography journey.....STAY TUNED!!!!

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